Touch Panel for Harsh Environments – Robust and Easy to Use

Even in harsh environments with dirt and moisture, more than function counts

The award-winning design of Fabro KNX simplifies handling and conveys safety

The Fabro KNX operating and display panel is suitable for harsh environments and outdoor use. A robust aluminium housing protects the 7-inch real glass display. The 8 areas per display side are kept extra large for easy operation.

Each area can be used as a button or display. There are over 100 symbols to choose from, next to which a value or colour is displayed. Objects from 1 bit (switching) to 14 bytes (texts) can be transmitted. On 5 pages, the user thus has up to 40 input and output options.

In the KNX application, 8 calculators are available for data conversion and 8 AND and OR logic gates each. Up to 8 events are defined in the alarm module. In the event of an alarm, a text appears in the display, the display light flashes or a beep sounds. 


Good design for easy operation

Even in areas with a high degree of soiling or strict hygiene requirements, the design of the unit and surface counts. An intuitive user interface enables quick access to technology. Good design conveys values such as reliability, trust and safety.

Fabro KNX facilitates the handling of building technology in production halls, workshops, greenhouses, food processing plants...

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An independent institute has subjected the Fabro KNX touch panel to the prescribed tests and confirmed:

The protection against access to dangerous parts and against solid foreign bodies according to DIN EN 60529/ VDE 0470 Part 1:2014-09 IP6X is fulfilled.

The protection against the ingress of water according to DIN EN 60529/ VDE 0470 Part 1:2014-09 IPX6 is fulfilled.

Practical materials and installation options

The housing of the Fabro KNX touch panel was milled from an aluminium block and is anodised. The front with display and touch surface consists of a continuous glass pane.

Fabro KNX is surface-mounted. The housing allows the cables to be surface-mounted or flush-mounted.