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WS1000 Connect

The Centre of the Smart Home

Welcome home with the new generation of WS1000! It not only provides an optimal indoor climate, security and energy efficiency, but can also be connected to your home network and the Internet. "Connect" functions such as surfing, app use and remote service let you experience home technology in a whole new way!

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Latest news and novelties

Blind control with double limit switches

The KNX S4-B12 DES and KNX S1R-B4-UP DES actuators are electronic control units for controlling motors with three limit switches, as used for blinds.

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Intelligent motor control units

IMSG 230 compact and MSG1 compact
The new IMSG 230 compact and MSG1 compact motor control units forward central and manual operation commands to 230 V drives. This allows comfortable operation of shades or windows via local push-buttons. The devices convert a brief button press into a step command, a longer button press into a movement command to the end position.

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WS1000 Connect

The new control centre for Smart Home
With the WS1000 Connect, a new generation of central controls for buildings, conservatories and smart homes has begun.

In addition to living comfort, safety and energy efficiency, the communication and media sector has been added. Since the WS1000 Connect can be connected to the home network and the Internet, it offers completely new possibilities for using and experiencing technology!

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