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KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch detects volatile organic compounds

The room controller additionally records temperature and humidity. An integrated ventilation controller ensures that the mixed gas concentration is not too high. Heating and cooling are adjusted by the temperature controller.

KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch has two touch buttons which can be used to change the room temperature, to switch between operating modes or as freely programmable bus push buttons. 

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Latest news and novelties

Room Controller Recognizes Bad Air
KNX VOC/TH-UP Touch measures temperature, relative and absolute humidity and also mixed gas, that means volatile organic compounds in the air. The room controller regulates ventilation and ambient climate and has got two touch buttons.

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Series Cala: New glass push buttons Cala KNX M-T and Cala KNX MultiTouch T are touch buttons for control of various functions in the KNX bus system. The buttons provide visual feedback via LEDs in the buttons and function areas.

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How to control your DALI lighting via KNX
The KNX DALI L4 bc 16 A actuator is an interface between the KNX bus system and DALI lighting systems.

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WS1000 Connect

The Centre of the Smart Home

Welcome home with the new generation of WS1000! It not only provides an optimal indoor climate, security and energy efficiency, but can also be connected to your home network and the Internet. "Connect" functions such as surfing, app use and remote service let you experience home technology in a whole new way!

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