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Weather values for KNX

Weater Station P04-KNX-GPS

Brightness, wind speed, precipitation report, outdoor temperature and time – sometimes you don't need more weather data to automate a building. The P04-KNX-GPS weather station records exactly these data and transmits the measured values to the KNX system. The evaluation and processing of the data is then carried out by bus devices with integrated automatic functions, for example actuators or operating devices.

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Weather measurement values for KNX

P04-KNX-GPS: Brightness, wind speed, precipitation report, outdoor temperature and time

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KNX Beginner Sets CasaConnect KNX

Preconfigured sets with CasaConnect KNX Center for individual adjustment

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New price list from 01.04.2020 

The new Elsner Elektronik picture price list is valid from today 

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WS1000 Connect

The Centre of the Smart Home

Welcome home with the new generation of WS1000! It not only provides an optimal indoor climate, security and energy efficiency, but can also be connected to your home network and the Internet. "Connect" functions such as surfing, app use and remote service let you experience home technology in a whole new way!

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