The simple way to get started with KNX

CasaConnect KNX sets News of 03/17/2021

You have avoided the KNX standard until now because the integration was too time-consuming and costly for you? Then we have a solution for which you do not need an ETS or KNX knowledge: With the CasaConnect KNX sets you can simply enter the KNX world!

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Preconfigured KNX devices for a appartment or for a house have already been addressed at the factory and linked together in a KNX project. The package includes a weather station, control panel, room controller, smoke, motion and water detectors as well as actuators for heating, sun protection, light and for switching. After installation, the devices communicate directly with each other. The individual setting of the functionality takes place at the control centre. 

This makes the sets just as suitable for enthusiastic Smart Home beginners as they are for electricians and for property developers who want to equip appartments and houses quickly and cost-effectively with a future-proof standard. All devices are fully-fledged, certified KNX products.

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