CasaConnect KNX Sets

KNX Starter Set


The KNX Starter Set CasaConnect KNX is a preconfigured KNX complete package for apartment automation comprising the CasaConnect KNX central controls and other KNX operating devices, KNX sensors and KNX actuators. Lights, heating, sun protection and ventilation can be automatically controlled and manually operated with the CasaConnect KNX Set. In addition, safety functions such as smoke and water leak alarms can be realised.

The KNX Starter Set CasaConnect KNX Set supplied is a ready-projected and addressed, i.e. the devices only need to be installed and, as soon as they are connected to the KNX bus line, are communication-ready.

After the individual settings of the functions on the display of the CasaConnect KNX central controls, automatic mode can be set.


N° 71210 CasaConnect KNX Set 10 "appartment"
N° 71220 CasaConnect KNX Set 20 "house"

Functions and properties of the CasaConnect KNX Sets:

  • Simple KNX automation of an apartment or house
  • No ETS needed because a preconfigured KNX project is supplied. Extensions to the KNX system or changes to individual devices of the set, e.g. change to labels, function adjustments, change to function assignment of binary inputs, can be implemented with the KNX software ETS from Version 5
  • Operation and status query on the smartphone App
  • Extendable with other KNX devices
  • Optimum interaction of shading, heating, cooling, ventilation
  • Remote access to the CasaConnect KNX required via network for system set-up, diagnostics and activation by the user
  • Presence simulation
  • Safety module (or messages from an alarm system) with memory for event log
  • HCL (Human Centric Lighting) controls: The biodynamic light controls change light colour and brightness over the course of the day. These light controls can support well-being
  • 24 Scenes for calling up individually set actuation positions and switching conditions. With a scene, multiple motors and devices are addressed simultaneously so that a suitable atmosphere is created with the touch of a finger ("TV", "Eating", etc.)

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CasaConnect KNX Sets
  • Temperature regulator: The heating is connected to the KNX K4. The temperature mode change (Comfort, Standby, Eco) settings are adjusted in the CasaConnect KNX menu. Time switches Mode The current room temperature value comes from the Cala KNX T room controller. This is where the actual controlling takes place and the setpoint can be set. All room Temperature regulators are aligned to single-stage heating. If other types of control are needed (two-stage heating, single-stage heating + single-stage cooling, etc.), the conversion must be performed via ETS from Version 5.
  • Sun protection / window controls: The drives for shutter, blind, awning or window are connected to the KNX S4-B10. First of all, which function is desired (shutter, blind, awning or window) is selected. The setting is applied in the CasaConnect KNX menu under System > Set screen > Function block A > Drives Automatic is then set. The indoor temperature value can either be provided by a Cala KNX T room controller or by an Intra-Sewi KNX TH-L-Pr ceiling sensor. Outdoor temperature, rain report, time and position come from the P04-KNX-GPS weather station.
  • Light / socket / device controls: Up to 4 luminaires (luminaire groups) can be connected via DALI bus to the KNX DALI L4 bc 16A. They can be switched or dimmed either at the Cala KNX T room controller or the CasaConnect KNX central controls. Manual > All > Dali Lightgr. X The outputs are preconfigured as standard to Dali dimming. If an output is only used for switching, the relevant output can be converted in the CasaConnect KNX system menu.  X > Type of output Up to 8 luminaires can be connected to the KNX R8 16 A switching actuator. They are switched directly either at the Cala KNX T room controller or the CasaConnect KNX central controls. Manual > All > Actuator 1 SAX The switch actuator outputs on the KNX R8 16 A can also be used, for example, for switchable sockets or for switching off domestic appliances. In two rooms the luminaires can be automatically switched when people are in the room by the Intra-Sewi KNX TH-L-Pr presence detector, which is directly connected to the KNX R8 16 A switching actuator. In addition, periods can be defined, in which the light is on. 
  • Manual operation: In addition to automatic mode, manual operation at the Cala KNX T room controller or the CasaConnect KNX central controls is possible.
  • Water leak: With the Leak KNX basic leak sensor, a water alarm (e.g. because of a broken water pipe) can be detected and displayed with the text message "Leak Alarm" when clicking on the alarm icon at the top right of the CasaConnect KNX central control start page.
  • Smoke warning: If the 3 Salva KNX basic smoke detectors in a room detect smoke, they send the message "Smoke alarm" via the KNX-Bus to the CasaConnect KNX central controls. This message is also displayed when clicking on the alarm icon at the top right of the start page and has to be acknowledged. A message is also displayed on the central controls if a smoke detector's battery is empty.
  • Safety module: If the safety module is activated externally: Safety module > External activation the motion detector is used as an intruder detector and an intruder alarm is triggered on the CasaConnect KNX as soon as the presence of people is detected, which can be displayed by clicking on the alarm icon and acknowledged. If an email address is saved. 
  • Presence simulation: You can call up to 16 events with the presence simulation simultaneously or consecutively, to give the appearance that people are in the building. A settable delay for the start time makes the simulation more realistic. 
  • Fan: To use fans, the programming in the ETS, e.g. through the integrator, is needed.