Media Coupler for KNX TP / KNX RF

The media coupler KNX RF LC-TP connects the wired KNX installation (KNX TP, twisted pair) with the KNX radio (KNX RF). The media coupler is used to forward messages from TP to RF and from RF to TP. The KNX RF LC-TP uses the KNX RF S standard.

The KNX RF LC-TP uses multiple display pages to show the addressing, traffic and message flow. The housing is supplemented with a frame of the switch series used in buildings, and thus fits seamlessly into the interior fittings.

  • Connects wireless KNX devices (KNX RF) with wired devices (KNX TP)
  • Bidirectional communication between KNX TP and KNX RF
  • The display screens show addressing, KNX traffic (bus load for RF and TP), incoming and outgoing messages (for RF and TP, with source and target addresses)
  • 2 keys for selecting the display screen and for reset
  • Configuration is made using the KNX software ETS 5
Housing White glossy plastic
Assembly Flush mounting, wall mounting in junction box Ø 60 mm, 42 mm depth
Protection category IP 20
Dimensions Housing approx. 55 x 55 (W x H, mm), installation depth approx. 15 mm,
Base plate approx. 71 x 71 (W x H, mm)
Total weight approx. 60 g (with base plate)
Ambient temperature Operation 0…+55°C, storage -10…+60°C
Ambient humidity max. 5...95% RH, avoid condensation
Operating voltage KNX bus voltage
Bus current max. 15 mA
Data output KNX +/- bus plug terminal
BCU type Integrated microcontroller