WS1000 Connect

Building Control System

The various technical facilities installed in the building are controlled automatically and operated manually using the WS1000 Connect control system. In order to be able to set up the system flexibly, both cable connections and wireless channels are available.

The WS1000 Connect is delivered as a set, which includes the sensors needed for room climate and weather data as well as the central unit (display with control electronics). The sensor values are shown in the display and are the basis of the automatic controls.


No. 60241 WS1000 Connect 4, for 4 drives 230 V
No. 60242 WS1000 Connect 6, for 6 drives 230 V
No. 60243 WS1000 Connect 8, for 8 drives 230 V
No. 60244 WS1000 Connect 10, for 10 drives 230 V
No. 60246 WS1000 Connect 10 PF, for 10 drives, potential-free


WS1000 Connect App

available in Google Play Store (Android) and in the App Store (Apple). Requirements: WS1000 Connect with Wi-Fi access. Terminal (smart phone, tablet PC) with Wi-Fi access and operating system Android 5.1 or iOS 11.4 (and up).

  • WS1000 Connect: control center, indoor sensor, weather station WS1000 Connect: control center, indoor sensor, weather station
  • WS1000 Connect: control center WS1000 Connect: control center
  • WS1000 Connect app WS1000 Connect app
  • Connection options WS1000 Connect Connection options WS1000 Connect
  • Indoor sensor Indoor sensor
  • Weather station Weather station

Functions and properties of the central unit WS1000 Connect:

  • Colour touch display 10.1 inch, for manual operation, system set up and for setting the basic and automatic functions
  • Network connection by LAN or WLAN
  • Browser for viewing websites, streaming, etc.
  • Remote access via network for system setup, diagnostics etc. Approval by the user required
  • Slide show from SD card as screen saver
  • Data storage on SD card (storage of settings)
  • Integrated loudspeaker (4 tweeters, 1 broadband speaker)
  • Motor outputs (4-10 pcs, depending on model) for electrically powered
    - Awnings, blinds, shutters
    - Windows, sliding roofs and sliding doors
  • 4 multifunction outputs for 
    - Lights (switching or dimming)
    - Heating (on/off), cooling (on/off), ventilators (on/off)
    - Alarms
    - Gutter heating
  • 16 scenes for calling individually set movement positions and switch states With a scene, several motors and devices are addressed simultaneously so a suitable ambience is created with one press of a button ("TV", "Eating", etc.).
  • 4 multifunction inputs for 
    - Motion detector:
    - Smoke detector:
    - Climate detector (prevent ventilation if external air-conditioning/heating is active)
    - Safety contact (motors in safe position, prevent exhaust air, start incoming air)
    - Impulse for automatic reset
    - Binary contact for free use
  • 10 key inputs for additional conventional wind sensor for operating motors and devices on site
  • 32 radio channels for devices with Elsner RF radio protocol
    - Sensors WGTH-UP for room temperature, humidity (from version 1.3), 
  • WG AQS/TH-UP for room temperature, humidity, CO2, 
  • WGT (indoor temperature) for measuring at other locations in the room
    - Remote control Remo 8 (from version 1.8), Remo pro
    - Sensor Corlo P RF, sensor interface RF-B2-UP
    - WL400, WL800 and WL-Z ventilation units
    - RF-VM ventilation module for connecting fans/circulation air heaters  from other manufacturers
    - Wireless relay RF relay for on/off (each from version 5.5), Heating module RF-HE-ST (from version 5)
    - Wireless motor control device RF-MSG for up/down (from version 3.7)
    - RF-L wireless dimmer:
  • The wireless actuators with a production date after 14.01.2016 are compatible with the WS1000 Connect system. The production date can be found as part of the serial number which has the following structure "DD MM YY consecutive number".

Functions and properties of the indoor sensor:

  • Measurement of temperature and air humidity (relative)
  • Suitable for: WS1 Color/Style, (KNX) WS1000 Color/Style/Connect, Solexa II (Temperature evaluation only)

Functions and properties of the weather station:

  • Brightness measurement (sun sensor)
  • Temperature measurement
  • Wind speed measurement
  • Precipitation detection
  • GPS receiver for date/time and installation coordinates (for sun position calculation)


Housing Glass, plastic material
AssemblyFlush / cavity wall
DimensionsDisplay front approx. 279 x 185 (W x H, mm),
Installation depthapprox. 29 mm,
Concealed boxapprox. 254 × 171 × 85 (W × H × D, mm)
Display resolution1280 × 800 px
Weightapprox. 2.2 kg for model WS1000 Connect-10
Ambient temperatureOperation 0...+45°C, Storage -30…+70°C,
Avoid condensationOperating voltage 230V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption Readinessmax. 17 W
Load capacityMotor outputs per motor output, max. 400 W,
total max. 1.5 kW
Radio frequencyradio channels 868.2 MHz (Elsner RF).

Indoor Sensor WGTH-gl

HousingPlastic (partially painted)
ColoursWhite, glossy (similar to RAL 9010 pure
MountingIn-wall (wall mounting in socket Ø 60 mm,
42 mm deep, resp. cavity wall socket for hole
Ø 68 mm)
Protection categoryIP 20
DimensionsHousing approx. 55 x 55 (W x H, mm),
mounting depth approx. 8 mm,
base plate approx. 71 x 71 (W x H, mm)
Total weightapprox. 50 g
Ambient temperatureOperating -20…+70°C, Storage -55…+90°C
Ambient air humiditymax. 95% RH, avoid bedewing
Operating voltage7…30 V DC
Currentmax. 35 mA
Data outputWireless
Wireless frequency868.2 MHz
ProtocolProprietary protocol (Elsner RF)
Temperature measurement range-20…+70°C
Temperature resolution0.1°C
Temperature accuracy±0,6°C at -20...-10°C
±0,5°C at -10...+65°C
±0,6°C at +65...+70°C
Humidity measurement range0% RH …95% RH
Humidity resolution0.1%
Humidity accuracy±7,5% RH at 0...10% RH
±4,5% RH at 10...90% RH
±7,5% RH at 90...95% RH
Humidity drift± 0.5% R.H. per year in normal air

Weather Station P04i-GPS

Housing Plastic
Colour White / Translucent
Assembly Surface mount
Protection category IP 44
Dimensions approx. 62 × 71 × 52 (W × H × D, mm)
Weight weather station with mount approx. 90 g.
total weight including accessories approx.

280 g

Ambient temperature Operation -30…+50°C, Storage -30…+70°C
Voltage 24 V DC
Power max. 105 mA
Measurement range temperature -30°C ... +50°C
Measurement range wind 0 m/s … 35 m/s
Measurement range brightness 0 lux ... 99.000 lux