Wireless heating modules


The RF-HE-ST is a wireless heating module that switches a heating device at two levels (50% power, 100% power).
A heating device connected to the Wireless heating module RF-HE-ST can be operated directly using the Elsner Remo 8 or Remo pro remote control, via the RF-B2-UP button interface or the Corlo P RF solar wireless button. The wireless heating module is also suitable for working with the Elsner controls WS1 and WS1000 Color and Style, WS1000 Connect and for the radio system Solexa II. Then it is taught into a radio channel of the control system and receives automatic and manual commands from there.


N° 60546 RF-HE-ST IP53 Wireless heating module
N° 60569 RF-HE-ST IP54 Wireless heating module

  • RF-HE-ST IP53 (60546) RF-HE-ST IP53 (60546)
  • RF-HE-ST IP53 (60546) RF-HE-ST IP53 (60546)
  • RF-HE-ST IP54 (60569) RF-HE-ST IP54 (60569)
  • RF-HE-ST IP54 (60569) RF-HE-ST IP54 (60569)
  • 1 Connection for the heating device (radiant heater), maximum 16 A
  • 2 Heating levels (50%, 100%)
  • Reception of the wireless control signal
  • Suitable for: WS1 Color, WS1 Style, WS1000 Color, WS1000 Style, KNX WS1000 Style (in each case from software version 1.818), WS1000 Connect, Solexa II, Remo 8 (from version 0.1), Remo pro, RF-B2-UP, Corlo P1 RF, Corlo P2 RF
Housing Plastic
Weight approx. 140 g
Ambient temperature Operation -20…+50 °C, storage -55…+90°C
Ambient humidity max. 95% RH, avoid condensation
Operating voltage 230 V AC
Input STAS3 plug (230 V)
Output STAK3 coupling, can be loaded up to max. 16 A / 230 V AC (contact 2: max. 8 A, contact 3: max. 8 A)
Wireless frequency 868.2 MHz (Elsner RF)


Protection category IP 53
Dimensions approx. 147 x 36 x 29 (W x H x D, mm)


Protection category IP 54
Dimensions approx. 147 x 49 x 32 (W x H x D, mm)