Radio Remote Control for KNX RF

The colour touchscreen of Remote control Remo KNX RF can be used to manually to control bus participants in the KNX system. Remo KNX RF uses the KNX RF S standard. The possible functions are

- Switch
- Dimm
- Move the drives of awnings, shutters, blinds or windows
- Change the temperature (for heating/cooling)
- Change RGBW light colour
- Change light colour temperature
- Call and save scenes
- Operate media equipment
- Indicate bus values (e.g. status, sensor values).

The channels are set in the ETS. However, they can be individually sorted and named on the display.

  • Operation via the touch display
  • Lithium battery, chargeable via a USB-2.0 Micro-B charger (Charger No 10155 as an optional accessory). Battery level status and a warning at <20% battery charge can be sent via the bus
  • 32 channels, wireless standard KNX RF, S-Mode
  • The touch buttons can be named individually, directly on the device or in the ETS
  • The display sequence can be changed directly on the device
  • Setting functions on the display can be locked (and unlocked) via the application and the bus

Configuration is made using the KNX software ETS 5
If communication with wired KNX devices (KNX TP) is necessary, a media coupler that connects KNX RF and KNX TP is needed (e.g. KNX RF LC-TP No 70701)

Housing Plastic
Colour black
Protection category IP 40
Dimensions approx. 64 x 122 x 11 (B x H x T, mm)
Display colour TFT, capacitive, dimmable, resolution 320 x 480 Pixel
Weight approx. 100 g
Ambient temperature operating 0…55 °C, storage -10…+60 °C
Ambient humidity max. 5...95 % RH, avoid condensation
Operating voltage integrated battery 3.8 V DC
Wireless frequency 868.2 MHz
Channels 32
Data output KNX RF (S-Mode)
BCU Type own micro controller
Group addresses max. 512
Assignments max. 1024
Communication objects 417