Suntracer KNX pro

RS485 Weather Station

The Weather Station Suntracer RS485 pro measures temperature, wind speed, wind direction, brightness, air humidity and air pressure. It recognises precipitation, receives the GPS signal for time and location and calculates the position of the sun (azimuth and elevation). It sends the currently recorded weather data, date and time once every second. This data can be analyzed by an end device such as SPS, PC or MC.

  • Ultrasonic wind measurement (speed, direction)
  • Brightness measurement, sun position calculation (GPS)
  • Acquisition of temperature, humidity, air pressure
  • Rain detector

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  • Sensors Sensors
  • Suntracer RS485 pro top view Suntracer RS485 pro top view
  • Connection Connection
  • RS485 data output
  • Brightness measurement (current light strength). Measurement with 5 separate sensors, output of the current highest value (one maximum value)
  • GPS receiver, outputting the current time and location coordinates. The Weather Station Suntracer RS485 pro also computes the position of the sun (azimuth and elevation)
  • Wind measurement: Measurement of wind strength and wind direction (0°- 360°) by ultrasound
  • Precipitation detection: The sensor surface is heated, so that only drops and flakes are recognised as precipitation, but not mist or dew. When the rain or snow stops, the sensor is soon dry again and the precipitation warning ends
  • Temperature measurement. Calculation of the felt temperature (considering wind strength and air humidity)
  • Air humidity measurement (relative, absolute)
  • Calculation of the dew point
  • Air pressure measurement


mountingPole mounting
Protection classIP44
Dimensions weather station (W x H xD)ring with base approx. 260 mm × 145 mm × 300 mm
Dimensions pole extension
Length approx.
50 cm
Pipe diameter approx.50 cm
Mounting for pole (screw brackets) approx.40...60 mm
Plate (H × B × T) approx.130 mm × 110 mm × 4 mm
Dimensions power supply unit (W xH x D) approx.3 modules, 54 mm × 95 mm × 68,5 mm
Weight Weather station approx.600 g
Pole extension (incl. screw brackets)1 kg
Power supply unit210 g
Connection accessories430 g
Ambient temperature-25...+50 °C
Storage temperature-25...+70 °C


Operating voltage24 V DC SELV ±10%
Operating current maximum1600 mA
Connection4pin M8 connector
Current carrying capacity5 A Use line protection if power supply
can deliver more than 5 A.
Data outputRS485 (SELV), at the same potential as 24 V supply voltage


Measurement range temperature-30...+50 °C
Temperature0.1 °C
Temperature [at]±0.5 °C [-30...+25°C]
±1.5 °C [-30...+45°C]
Measurement range air humidity (rH)0%…100%
Air humidity (rH)0.1%
Air humidity (rH) [at]±7.5% [0...10%, 90...100%]
±4.5% [10...90%]
Measurement range wind speed0…35 m/s
Resolution wind speed0.1 m/s
Wind speed
[at wind speed]
±0.5 m/s [v < 5 m/s]
±10% [v > 5 m/s]
Measurement range wind direction
[from wind speed]
0...360° [v > 0.5 m/s]
Wind direction
Wind direction±5°
Measurement range pressure300 mbar … 1100 mbar
Pressure0.1 mbar
Pressure±4 mbar
Measurement range brightness0 Lux … 150 000 Lux""
Brightness [at]1 Lux [0…255 Lux]
4 Lux [256…2 645 Lux]
163 Lux [2 646…128 256 Lux]
762 Lux [128 257…150 000 Lux]
Brightness [at]±15% [35 … 150 000 Lux]