KNX WS1000 Style

Commande pour technique du bâtiment pour KNX

The KNX WS 1000 Style control panel is an operating unit for the KNX building bus system. The graphic touchscreen and integrated automatic functions allow a simple central setting and operation of the technical devices installed in the building.
The KNX WS1000 Style regulates the surveillance and window ventilation (up to 22 channels / facades). Light switched on at twilight has a magical effect.
The touch display makes operating the KNX WS1000 Style particularly easy and comfortable. Touching the buttons on the screen activates the functions and operates the drives. In idle mode, the current weather is displayed: Whether the sun is moving across the sky, it is raining or snowing.

  • KNX WS1000 Style KNX WS1000 Style
  • Glass pane with integrated touch screen (8.4 inches). Extremely flat design thanks to mangnetic mounting
  • In Idle mode, the screen can either display current weather data or be switched off or dimmed. Dimming the display saves energy and does not interfere with the ambience of the room
  • Adjustable display language (English, German, French, Italian)
  • Picture frame function (via SD card)
  • Automatic slat angle adjustment on blinds: The slats can be positioned in accordance with the position of the sun, so that as much light as possible enters the room at all times without exposing it to direct sunlight. To achieve this, the control system calculates the position of the sun based on the location, date and time
  • “Slat Turning” and “Canvas Tightening” functions for blinds and awnings respectively (adjustments to correct positioning after a movement are required for certain shade motors)
  • All drives and units can be individually named (e.g. “Blind East”)
  • After manual operation, automatic resets set the drives and devices back into automatic mode. A time lag (e.g. 20 minutes after manual operation) or a fixed time point (e.g. at 3am) can be set. The resets can be activated separately for each drive group
  • The Settings menu can be protected with an access code against unauthorised changes
  • The function of the arrow keys can be adapted to the actual movement direction (manual direction), e. g. for blinds that extend from the bottom upwards
  • The direction of rotation of connected drives can be corrected in the control system menu
Housing Glass, plastic
Colours White/grey
Mounting Flush/cavity wall
Dimensions Display front approx. 1270× 185 (W × H, mm),
mounting depth approx. 9 mm,
concealed box approx. 254 × 171 × 85 (W × H × D, mm)
Ambient temperature Operation -20…+70°C, Storage -55…+90°C,
avoid bedewing
Humidité ambiante max. 95% rF, éviter la condensation
Operating voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption Stand-by max. 17 W
Frequency wireless channels868.2 MHz