WS1000 Color

Control del edificio

Apart from shading and ventilation the WS1000 Color also controls heatings and air conditioners. Motion and smoke detectors offer more safety and illumination at dawn creates atmospheric lighting.
Alongside the operating panel, the WS1000 Color provides a weather station and a radio-controlled indoor sensor. The indoor sensor is integrated in the switching series used in the building and perfectly merges with the interior. Various climate zones can be realised by installation of additional indoor sensors (single room control).
The touch display makes operation of the WS1000 Color exceptionally easy and comfortable. A simple touch on the display buttons sets the function and moves the drives. In passive state the current weather is displayed: the sun travelling through the sky, rain or snow.


N° 60121 WS1000 Color-4, white, for 4 drive outputs 230 V
N° 60122 WS1000 Color-6, white, for 6 drive outputs 230 V
N° 60123 WS1000 Color-8, white, for 8 drive outputs 230 V
N° 60124 WS1000 Color-10, white, for 10 drive outputs 230 V

N° 60125 WS1000 Color-4, alu, for 4 drive outputs 230 V
N° 60126 WS1000 Color-6, alu, for 6 drive outputs 230 V
N° 60127 WS1000 Color-8, alu, for 8 drive outputs 230 V
N° 60128 WS1000 Color-10, alu, for 10 drive outputs 230 V

  • WS1000 Color, blanco (60121) WS1000 Color, blanco (60121)
  • WS1000 Color, blanco (60121), unidad de control, vista lateral WS1000 Color, blanco (60121), unidad de control, vista lateral
  • Sensor interior blanco Sensor interior blanco
  • WS1000 Color, aluminio (60125) WS1000 Color, aluminio (60125)
  • WS1000 Color, aluminio (60125), unidad de control, vista lateral WS1000 Color, aluminio (60125), unidad de control, vista lateral
  • Sensor interior aluminio Sensor interior aluminio
  • Estación meteorológico, ejemplo de montaje en mástil Estación meteorológico, ejemplo de montaje en mástil
  • Estación meteorológico Estación meteorológico
  • Animated graphical colour display (8.4 inches) with touch function: Easy operation without additional keys. Designer housing in a floating appearance.
  • In idle mode, the screen can either display current weather data or be switched off or dimmed. Dimming the display saves energy and does not interfere with the ambience of the room
  • Presentation of a slideshow on SD card
  • 4, 6, 8 or 10 drive outputs (dependent on model), available for 230 V drives or potential-free. For awnings, blinds, roller shutters, windows and sliding doors. Optional connection of multiple drives in a group (group control relay)
  • Centralised control of multiple drives in a drive group using the IMSG 230 Motor Control Unit. The individual motors can also be separately manually operated using additional hand buttons
  • Automatic slat angle adjustment on blinds: The slats can be positioned in accordance with the position of the sun, so that as much light as possible enters the conservatory at all times without exposing it to direct sunlight. To achieve this, the control system calculates the position of the sun based on the location, date and time 
  • “Slat Turning” and “Canvas Tightening” functions for blinds and awnings respectively (adjustments to correct positioning after a movement are required for certain shade motors)
  • 4 multifunctional outputs for heating, cooling, supply air, alarm systems, lighting, gutter heating or dimmers
  • 4 multifunctional inputs for motion detectors, smoke detectors, climate control detectors (status of independent heating/cooling), closed-contacts (for sliding doors) or triggers for automatic resets
  • A motion detector alarm will close the windows. A smoke alarm retracts the shades (escape routes) and starts ventilation (smoke extraction)
  • 32 wireless channels for Elsner radio indoor sensors, Elsner Elektronik ventilation units, RF Relays, RF MSG, Remo 8 remote control, push button interface RF-B2-UP, push buttons Corlo P RF
  • Connection of 10 external manual push-buttons
  • All connected drives and devices can be operated manually with the Remo 8 Remote Control (available separately)
  • Weather station with advanced sensor technology: Electronic measurement of wind speed (free of wear and tear, no storm or hail damage), precipitation detection via heated sensor (no false measurements in dew or fog), light brightness measurement and twilight detection using special filters
  • The limit value for the detection of “twilight” can be set (e.g. for lights and for blinds for privacy)
  • Radio-controlled indoor sensor for measurement of temperature and air humidity. Wireless data transfer to central unit.
  • After manual operation, automatic resets set the drives and devices back into automatic mode. A time lag (e.g. 20 minutes after manual operation) or a fixed time point (e.g. at 3am) can be set. The resets can be activated separately for each drive group
  • The Settings menu can be protected with an access code against unauthorised changes
  • The direction of rotation of connected drives can be corrected in the control system menu
  • The function of the arrow keys can be adapted to the actual movement direction (manual direction), e. g. for blinds that extend from the bottom upwards
  • Colours operating device: white/light grey or alu/graphite

Central Unit:

Housing Plastic (partially painted)
Colours • White glossy (similar to RAL 9003 Signal White) / light grey (similar to RAL 7035 light grey)
• Aluminium (similar to RAL 9006 white aluminium) / graphite (similar to RAL 7024 graphite grey)
Mounting Flush / cavity wall
Protection category IP 40
Dimensions Central Unit approx. 250 × 182 × 43 (W × H × D, mm),
concealed box approx. 235 × 169 × 62 (W × H × D, mm)
Total weight approx. 1630-1750 g (dependent on model)
Ambient temperature Operation 0…+55°C, storage -20…+70°C,
avoid condensation
Ambient air humidity max. 5...95% RH, avoid bedewing
Operating voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz

Indoor Sensor:

Housing Plastic (partly pained)
Colour Matched on the colour of the control (White glossy or Aluminium matt)
MountingIn-wall (in socket Ø 60 mm, 42 mm deep)
Protection category IP 20
Dimensions Housing approx. 55 × 55 (W × H, mm), mounting depth approx. 15 mm, base plate approx. 71 × 71 (W × H, mm)
Total weight approx. 50 g
Ambient temperature Operation -20…+70°C, storage -55…+90°C
Ambient air humidity max. 80% RH, avoid bedewing
Operating voltage 7…30 V DC
Current max. 35 mA
Data output Via radio
Radio frequency 868.2 MHz
Measurement range temperature -20…+70°C
Measurement range humidity 0% RH … 100% RH

Weather Station P04i-GPS

Housing Plastic
Colour White / Translucent
Assembly Surface mount
Protection category IP 44
Dimensions approx. 62 × 71 × 152 (W × H × D, mm)
Weight weather station with mount approx. 90 g.
total weight including accessories approx.

280 g

Ambient temperature Operation -30…+50°C, Storage -30…+70°C
Voltage 24 V DC
Power max. 105 mA
Measurement range temperature -30°C ... +50°C
Measurement range wind 0 m/s … 35 m/s
Measurement range brightness 0 lux ... 99.000 lux