RF-WL 0-10 V

Radio ventilation module with voltage input

The RF-WL 0-10 V wireless fan module controls the wireless ventilation devices WL400, WL800 and WL-Z. The automatic ventilation with up to 3 automatic levels for ventilation devices is used, for example, in areas where ventilation is only required if a person is present and is controlled by a motion detector (e.g. in a smoking lounge). Alternatively, ventilation devices with the RF-WL 0-10 V are continuously variable via a voltage input.
In step mode, a signal at the input for the motion detector starts the ventilation in the exhaust mode at 40% air output. Further steps are possible via the inputs, that are either connected by a permanent external signal (e.g. boost switch) or are set permanently by bridging.
For the control via the voltage input a continuous increase of the air output from 1-10 V (corresponds to 10-100%) is activated.
Since RF-WL 0-10 V wireless fan module and the ventilation device communicate by wireless, only the mains voltage and input signals (motion detector, time switch, switch, controller) need to be connected to the RF-WL 0-10 V.

  • RF-WL 0-10 V RF-WL 0-10 V
  • RF-WL 0-10 V connection diagramm RF-WL 0-10 V connection diagramm
  • WL400, WL800 and WL-Z ventilation control devices. Several fans can be controlled in parallel
  • One to three step controller: Signal at the motion detector input starts the fan at 40%. Further exhaust air levels via inputs for 60% and 80% air output are possible (WL400, WL800)
  • Control via voltage input: Control input 0-10 V DC. 1...10 V DC corresponds to 10...100% air output proportionally (WL400, WL800)
  • Supply air (WL-Z) opens as soon as one of the inputs is active
  • Voltage output 24 V DC, e.g. for power supply of controllers
  • Communication with the fans by wireless
Housing Plastic
Colour White
Assembly Flush-mounted (in connector socket Ø 60 mm, 60 mm deep)
Protection category IP 20

Dimensions< approx. 50 x 50 x 54 (W × H × D, mm)

Weight approx. 100 g
Ambient temperature Operation -20…+50°C, storage -30…+85°C
Ambient humidity 5...80% RH, non-condensing
Operating voltage 230 V AC
Power consumption 10 mA
Inputs Motion detector start/air output 40%
• Air output 60%
• Air output 80%
• Controller input 0-10 V DC (1-10 V correspond to

10-100% air output proportionally)

Outputs Voltage 24 V DC (max. 200 mA)
Wireless frequency 868.2 MHz