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Radio Push Button Interface

The button interface RF-B2-UP features four connections for two double buttons (up/down or on/off) and transfers the switching signals to the taught device by radio.

  • RF-B2-UP RF-B2-UP

Suitable for the following devices:

  • Building control WS1 Color (from version 1.597)
  • Building controls WS1 Style and (KNX) WS1000 Style
  • Building control WS1000 Connect
  • Radio control Solexa II (from software version 1.0)
  • Shading control Solexa control (from version 3.6)
  • Window control Arexa (from version 3.7)
  • Ventilation units WL400 and WL800 (from version 1.0)
  • Air supply unit WL-Z (from version 1.0), WFL (from version 2.0)
  • RF relay (from version 2.0), motor control device RF-MSG, fan module RF-VM
  • F-Con radio units RF-HE-ST, RF-MSG-ST, RF-Relais-ST, RF-MSG(2)-DST, RF-L PWM-ST, RF-L LED-ST, RF-L UN-ST, RF-L-DST 1-10 V, RF-L-DST DALI

The software version of the device must be appropriate for interaction with the Button interface RF-B2-UP!

Assembly Installation
Protection category IP 00
Dimensions approx. 38 x 47 x 19 (W x H x D, mm)
Weight approx. 20 g
Ambient temperature Operation -20…+70 °C, storage -55…+90 °C
Ambient humidity max. 95% RH Avoid condensation
Power supply 3 V battery, type CR2032
Inputs 2 x inputs for double buttons (8 wires) for potential-free contacts
with 300 mm connection line
Extendable to a maximum of 10 m