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Evaluation Unit for weather data

The system PS8A records meteorological data and forwards it to the evaluation unit. Here, it is analysed against the default settings. The user can program the eight output relays integrated with the evaluation unit individually. The output signals are used for control of higher level modules and to control the motors for the ventilation units, shading units or other equipment. Digital inputs from bus systems or PLC can also be switched.

  • PS8A PS8A

Complete system, comprising evaluation unit, weather station and indoor sensor

Evaluation unit:

  • 8 relay outputs
  • Integrated keypad and display

Weather station P03/3:

  • Brightness measurement with three separate sensors for east, south and west. Twilight detection with special filters
  • Wind measurement: The wind strength is measured electronically and thus noiselessly and reliably, even during hail, snow and sub-zero temperatures. Even turbulent air and anabatic winds in the vicinity of the weather station are recorded
  • Temperature measurement
  • Heated precipitation sensor (1.2 watts): No error measurement with dew or mist, fast drying after the rain ends
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Combination mounting for wall or pole assembly; hinge arm mounting available as an option

T-KTY82 indoor temperature sensor:

  • Universal temperature sensor

Evaluation unit

Housing Plastic
Colour Grey
Assembly Series installation on mounting rail
Protection category IP 20
Dimensions approx. 105 × 90 × 60 (W × H × D, mm),
6 width units
Weight approx. 485 g
Ambient temperature Operational -5…+50°C, storage -25…+90°C
Ambient humidity max. 95% rh, avoid condensation
Operating voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption approx. 2 W
Outputs 8 × potential-free relays, each max 2A/250V

Weather station P03/3

Housing Plastic
Colour White / Translucent
Assembly Surface mount
Protection category IP 44
Dimensions approx. 96 x 77 x 118 (W × H × D, mm)
Weight approx. 148 g
Ambient temperature Operational -30…+50°C, storage -30…+70°C
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Power max. 105 mA, residual ripple 10%
Rain sensor heater approx. 1.2 W
Temperature measurement range40…+80°C
Resolution (temperature) 0.1°C
Accuracy (temperature) +/- 1.5% at -25°C…+80°C
Brightness measurement range1…99.000 Lux
Resolution (brightness) 1 Lux at 0…120 Lux
2 Lux at 121…1.046 Lux
63 Lux at 1.047…52.363 Lux
423 Lux at 52.364…99.000 Lux
Accuracy (brightness) +/- 35%

T-KTY82 indoor temperature sensor

Housing Metal
Assembly Surface mounting in invisible area
Dimensions Length of sensor sleeve approx. 45 mm,
R. approx. 6 mm,
Cable length approx. 187 mm
Total weight approx. 10 g
Ambient temperature/measurement range-40…+60°C
Sensor resistance 2 kΩ, ±20Ω (at 25°C)