Frame Corlo

Frame for mounting on a socket

The frame Corlo for devices of the System Corlo is available as 1-, 2- and 3-gang version.


N° 70264 Frame Corlo 1-gang, chrome glossy
N° 70265 Frame Corlo 2-gang, chrome glossy
N° 70266 Frame Corlo 3-gang, chrome glossy
N° 70267 Frame Corlo 1-gang, chrome matt
N° 70268 Frame Corlo 2-gang, chrome matt
N° 70269 Frame Corlo 3-gang, chrome matt
N° 70346 Frame Corlo 1-gang, white matt
N° 70347 Frame Corlo 2-gang, white matt
N° 70348 Frame Corlo 3-gang, white matt
N° 70410 Frame Corlo 1-gang, black matt
N° 70411 Frame Corlo 2-gang, black matt
N° 70412 Frame Corlo 3-gang, black matt

  • Frame Corlo for Corlo Touch KNX, Corlo Push Buttons M-T and Corlo Power Outlet
Dimensions 1-gang approx. 80 x 81 (W x H, mm)
Dimensions 2-gang approx. 80 x 153 (W x H, mm)
Dimensions 3-gang approx. 80 x 224 (W x H, mm)
Mounting depthcapprox. 12,5 mm
made in germany