Wind Sensor

The P04i-W wind sensor records the wind-speed. The sensor is connected to the control system WS1, WS1000 Color or (KNX) WS1000 Style via the P04i data recorder.

  • P04i-W P04i-W
  • Wind measurement: The wind strength is measured electronically and thus noiselessly and reliably, even during hail, snow and sub-zero temperatures. Even turbulent air and rising winds in the vicinity of the device are recorded
  • Suitable for: WS1 Color, WS1 Style, WS1000 Color, WS1000 Style, KNX WS1000 Style (each from software version 1.8). Connection via P04i data collector
Housing Plastic
Colour White / Translucent
Assembly Surface mount
Protection category IP 44
Dimensions approx. 62 × 71 × 145 (W × H × D, mm)
Weight approx. 80 g
Ambient temperature Operation -30…+50°C, Storage -30…+70°C
Voltage 24 V DC
Power max. 105 mA

Wind sensor:

Measurement range 0 m/s … 35 m/s