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Gain Comfort and Security, save Energy

Everyone profits from perfectly controlled building systems: Users, owners and managers of real estate ... and the environment. 
Building automation creates ideal room climate, protects equipment and the building structure, ensures systems work safely – and, as a bonus, saves energy and costs. The Smart Home as a vision of the future? No, the intelligent house is already reality today!

In public and commercial buildings, which are used by many people, automatic room climate control is already an everyday occurrence. Ventilation, heating and shading matched to requirements ensure ideal conditions 24 hours a day. Coordinating individual systems allows energy efficiency, which is not to be achieved by manual control

Building systems offer the same benefits for residential property. Here, comfort, security and efficiency aspects are likewise closely interlinked. Building automation is also financially rewarding, as it reduces energy consumption. Investments are almost completely amortised after a timeframe of only a few years. This period is considerably longer for other energy saving measures around the home.

Building automation can be applied to different systems, e.g. safety systems, media systems, domestic appliances or energy management. However, it is the room climate that is fundamental for well-being in the building. Here, compact control solutions can already achieve great effects: Intelligent shading will keep the building cool in summer, and solar heat is used in the cold season as a free heating source. The slat angle of blinds can be aligned according to the position of the sun. This helps to avoid direct solar irradiation while simultaneously enabling natural daylight illumination of the room to the largest possible extent. Controlled ventilation improves air quality in the room and prevents overheating or condensation forming, particularly in airtight insulated building shells. Networking with heating and cooling systems avoids energy losses

Lighting control according to brightness, presence and time in large offices and presentation rooms is not only a simplification but holds real savings potential. Security and alarm functions protect buildings and systems and simplify monitoring of apartments, houses or entire complexes. When blinds are automatically protected against wind, windows open and close automatically or the light switches itself off, as soon as the last person left the room, then the Smart Home is reality.

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