Temperature Sensor

The Temperature Sensor WGT consists of evaluation electronics and sensors. The temperature sensor can be used as a plug-in or contact sensor on the interior or exterior.
The evaluation unit transfers the temperature by radio to the control. Several WGT can be taught to a control. For the power supply (11...28 V DC) of the WGT 12 V DC can be drawn e.g. from the connector board for the control system (multifunction-input).

  • Temperature measurement with small sensor on a flexible cable
  • The evaluation unit is installed in a non-visible area (e.g. in a connector socket)
  • Radio-communication with the control system
Housing Plastic, metal sensor sleeve
Installation Mounting
Protection type sensor IP 67
Dimensions of evaluation electronics approx. 38 x 47 x 24 (W x H x D, mm)
Dimensions of sensor Length of sensor sleeve: approx. 20 mm,
Ø approx. 6 mm, Cable length: approx. 300 cm
Ambient humidity Evaluation unit: max. 95% rh, avoid condensation
Operating voltage11…28 V DC
Current max. 35 mA
Data output Via radio
Radio frequency 868.2 MHz
Protocol own protocol (Elsner RF)
Measurement range -30…+130°C