Radio Dimmers for LED


RF-L LED-ST is a radio dimmers for the WS1 and WS1000 Color or
Style controls, WS1000 Connect and for the radio control system Solexa II. The RF-L LED-ST is provided for LED lights. The radio dimmer allows dimming in 1% increments.
A light connected to the radio dimmer can also be operated directly using the remote control Remo 8/pro via the button interface RF-B2-UP or the solar radio button Corlo P RF (without an additional control unit).


N° 60545 RF-L LED-ST IP53 Wireless module
N° 60557 RF-L LED-ST IP54 Wireless module

  • Radio Dimmers for LED Radio Dimmers for LED
  • RF-L LED-ST IP53 (60545) RF-L LED-ST IP53 (60545)
  • RF-L LED-ST IP53 (60545) RF-L LED-ST IP53 (60545)
  • RF-L LED-ST IP54 (60557) RF-L LED-ST IP54 (60557)
  • RF-L LED-ST IP54 (60557) RF-L LED-ST IP54 (60557)
  • Universal dimmer with automatic load recognition (phase angle control/phase sector control)
  • For dimmable LED in combination with dimmable power supplies, load 20 - 300 W
  • Reception of the radio control signal
  • Suitable for: WS1 Color, WS1 Style, WS1000 Color, WS1000 Style, KNX WS1000 Style (from software version 1.8). WS1000 Connect. Solexa II. Remo 8 (from version 0.1), Remo pro, RF-B2-UP, Corlo P1 RF, Corlo P2 RF.
Housing Plastic
Weight approx. 140 g
Ambient temperature Operation -20…+70 °C, storage -55…+90°C
Ambient humidity max. 95% RH, avoid condensation
Operating voltage 230V AC
Input STAS3 plug (230 V)
Output STAK3 coupling, loadable from 20 - 300 W (depending on transformer also less than 20 W)
Radio frequency 868.2 MHz (Elsner RF)


Protection category IP 53
Dimensions approx. 147 x 36 x 29 (W x H x D, mm)


Protection category IP 54
Dimensions approx. 147 x 49 x 32 (W x H x D, mm)