Radio Dimmer for DALI light control


  • Dali Radio Dimmer
  • Control via devices with Elsner RF radio protocol
  • Dali output for up to 64 participants
  • Switching output and dimming output
  • Easy installation due to STAK3 coupling

The RF-L-DST DALI is a wireless dimmer for the Elsner RF wireless control protocol. The dimmer has a 230 V switch output (16 A) and a control output for dimming of lighting via the DALI bus. The RF-L-DST DALI sends a DALI broadcast command, that means all connected lamps get the same dimming command.

The lighting connected to the wireless dimmer can be controlled automatically and manually via the WS1 or (KNX) WS1000 Color/Style building controller or the Solexa II wireless control system. Alternatively, direct manual operation is possible using the Remo 8/pro wireless remote control, via the RF-B2-UP button interface or the Corlo P RF solar wireless control button.

  • Dimmer for an electronic ballast, LED converter or electronic power supply unit for low-voltage systems 
  • 230 V switched output, 16 A 
  • DALI broadcast control output for up to 64 participants, including supply for the DALI bus (16 V) 
  • Reception of the control signal via radio 
  • Suitable for: WS1 Color, WS1 Style, WS1000 Color, WS1000 Style, KNX WS1000 Style (each from software version 1.818), Solexa II, Remo 8 (from version 0.1), Remo pro, RF-B2-UP, Corlo P1 RF, Corlo P2 RF
Housing Plastic
Protection category IP 54 (should be installed in a protected area despite a high protection category)
Dimensions approx. 149 x 72 x 29 (W x H x D, mm)
Weight approx. 180 g
Ambient temperature Operation -25…+70 °C, storage -30…+85°C
Ambient humidity max. 95% RH, avoid condensation
Operating voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz (STAS3 plug)
Output1 x switched output 230 V, 16 A, STAK3 coupling
1 × dimming (DALI), maximum 100 mA, with voltage supply for the DALI bus (typically 16 V), STAK3 coupling
Radio frequency868.2 MHz (Elsner RF)