P04i data logger

Weather data logger for WS1/WS1000

The P04i data logger connects four wind sensors to the WS1, WS1000 Color or (KNX) WS1000 Style control, as well as to the weather station.

  • P04i Data Collector (30132) P04i Data Collector (30132)
  • Distribution of weather data from a weather station and a number of wind sensors to a control system
  • Inputs suitable for: 1× P04i-GPS weather station, 4× P04i-W wind sensors
  • Output suitable for: WS1 Color, WS1 Style, WS1000 Color, WS1000 Style, KNX WS1000 Style (from software version 1.8)
Housing Plastic
Colour White
Assembly Series installation on mounting rail
Protection category IP 20
Dimensions approx. 107 x 88 x 60 (W x H x D, mm), 6 modules
Weight approx. 480 g
Ambient temperature Operation -20…+70°C, storage -55…+90°C
Ambient humidity max. 95% RH, avoid condensation
Operating voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption approx. 8 W
Inputs 1× P04i-GPS weather station
4× P04i-W wind sensors
Output 1× WS1/WS1000 control system