KNX Power Supply Units with Router

The voltage supply devices KNX PS640 IP combine the central functions of a KNX bus line: Power pack with throttle, IP router and IP interface.

The IP router in the devices allows forwarding messages to other lines via the LAN (IP) as a fast backbone (routing). In this way, the device also works as a KNX line coupler. Simultaneously, the device may be used as an interface for bus access via IP. The KNX system can thus be configured and monitored from any PC in the LAN (tunnelling). It is also available for access via a smart phone KNX app.
The devices work with the KNXnet/IP specification using core, device management, tunnelling and routing. The router in has a filter table and can buffer up to 150 messages.

The power pack provides 29 V bus voltage for the KNX system as well as additional 24 V DC supply voltage for 24 V devices. Special operation modes such as short circuit, surge, overload or excessive temperature are registered and can be read out from the display. The current consumption is also displayed. The connected bus participants can be reset via the keypad.

These functions can also be implemented via the bus with the KNX PS640+IP, e.g. the transmission of error messages and operational data and a time/duration reset. Error messages are saved by the KNX PS640+IP.
The KNX PS640+IP has two KNX interfaces, one for the "PLUS" bus functions of the power pack and one for the IP router. The functions are registered separately to the bus and parametrised in separate product files (ETS).


N° 70142 KNX PS640-IP, with router
N° 70145 KNX PS640+IP, with bus functions and router

  • KNX PS640-IP (70142) KNX PS640-IP (70142)
  • KNX PS640+IP (70145) KNX PS640+IP (70145)
  • Delivers a 29 V KNX bus voltage (reduced), output current max. 640 mA, short-circuit proof
  • Delivers 24 V DC (not reduced), output current max. 150 mA
  • Reset of a line directly on the device
  • Record of operating hours, overload, external overvoltage, internal overvoltage, short circuit and excess temperature
  • Display of operating data bus voltage, bus current and temperature of the device
  • The display may be shown in German, English, Spanish or Dutch
  • Routing: Transfer of KNX data via LAN (rapid backbone)
  • Line coupler function via LAN
  • Tunnelling: Configuration and supervising of the KNX system from any PC in the LAN



  • Bus connection for data transfer (e.g. malfunction messages, operating data)
  • Possibility for reset and diagnostic via the bus
HousingPlastic material
MountingSnap-on fitting on mounting rails
Degree of protectionIP 20
Dimensionsapprox. 123 x 89 x 61 (W x H x D, mm), 7 width units
Ambient temperatureOperation 0…+45 °C, storage -25…+70°C
Ambient air humidity5...95% RH, avoid bedewing
Operating voltage230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumptionFull load: approx. 28 W
Standby: approx. 2.3 W
Outputs• KNX bus voltage 29 V (reduced),
Output current max. 640 mA, short-circuit proof
• 24 V DC (not reduced), Output current max. 150 mA
• LAN connector RJ45; 10BaseT (10Mbit/s), Supported
internet protocols: ARP, ICMP, IGMP, UDP/IP and DHCP


Weightapprox. 395 g


Weightapprox. 370 g
Communication objects power supply unit: 27