for KNX radio

KNX RF USB-Stick is a PC interface with access to KNX via KNX RF radio. It allows addressing, programming and diagnostics of KNX devices with a windowsbased PC. The stick is operated via a PC USB port (USB type A).

KNX RF USB-Stick uses the KNX RF S standard. If communication with wired KNX devices (KNX TP) is necessary, a media coupler that onnects KNX RF and KNX TP is needed.

  • KNX RF USB Stick KNX RF USB Stick
  • Connection between PC and KNX via KNX RF radio
  • Addressing, programming and diagnostics of KNX devices via ETS (version 5 and later)
  • Device power supplied via the PC USB interface
  • Update-capable firmware for adapting to future standards
  • The standard Windows drivers necessary for the operation of the device are installed and activated on the PC automatically when the device is plugged into it
Housing Plastic
Protection category IP X0
Dimensions approx. 21 x 59 x 7.5 (W x H x D, mm)
Weight approx. 10 g
Ambient temperature -10…+55 °C
Ambient humidity max. 95% RH, avoid condensation
Rated voltage 5 V DC
USB version 2.0
USB connection Type A
KNX medium RF1.R
Wireless frequency 868.3 MHz
Transmission power max. 25 mW
Transmission range in free field 100 m (typical)