Actuator for KNX Radio for 1 Drive, 230V out

The KNX RF-MSG-DST is a radio actuator for KNX radio (KNX RF). The actuator controls one drive (blind, shutter, awning or window). Via an additional connector, another motor control unit is supplied with power (loop-through function).
The KNX RF-MSG-DST uses the KNX RF S standard.

  • 1 connection for 230 V-drive (STAK3)
  • 1 output 230 V AC (STAK3) for supply of further motor control units
  • Reception of the control signal via radio KNX RF
  • Retransmitter function (from version 1.1): Forwarding of all received KNX RF telegrams. These can be received by KNX RF participants with the same domain address. This allows the range of the KNX RF signal to be increased
  • Automatic runtime measurement of the drives for positioning (incl. fault reporting object)
  • Position feedback (movement position, also slat position for shutters)
  • Position storage (movement position) via 1-bit object (storage and call-up e. g. via buttons)
  • Scene control for movement position with 16 scenes per drive (also slat position for shutters)
  • Blocking objects and alarm reports have different priorities, so safety functions always take precedence (e.g. wind block)
  • Manual or automatic priority setting via time or communication object
  • Brief time limit (movement command blocked) and 2 movement limits
  • Configuration is made using the KNX software ETS 5
Housing Plastic
Protection category IP 54 (should be installed in a protected area despite a high protection category)
Dimensions approx. 149 x 72 x 29 (W x H x D, mm)
Weight approx. 168 g
Ambient temperature Operation -25…+70 °C, storage -30…+85°C
Ambient humidity max. 95% RH, avoid condensation
Operating voltage 230 V AC
Input STAS3 plug (230 V)
Output 1 x 230 V AC (loop-through), STAK3 coupling,
max. 1.5 kW switch-on load per mains connection
1 × drive, STAK3 coupling, 230 V AC (up/down/N/PE), loadable to max. 4 A / 230 V AC
Communication objects 52
Assignments max. 1024
Radio frequency 868,3 MHz