KNX RF R1-B2 compact 16 A

Radio Actuator, 1 Potential-Free Switching Output


  • 16 A Switch actuator
  • For KNX RF radio
  • With staircase lighting function
  • Inputs for local push-buttons
  • Compact design for can installation

The potential-free output of the Radio Actuator KNX RF R1-B2 compact 16 A switches one consumer load up to 16 Ampere.
Time functions such as an on/off delay or a staircase lighting function can be configured in the device application.
2 digital inputs are available for the connection of binary contacts. For example, a pushbutton can be connected here.

  • KNX RF R1-B2 compact 16A connection diagramm KNX RF R1-B2 compact 16A connection diagramm
  • Free of potential relay output for a consumer load with up to 16 A
  • Timer functions: on and/or off delay, staircase lighting timer switch with adjustable pre-warning (light blinks prior to switch-off)
  • Scene control for switching state with 16 scenes
  • 2 binary inputs
  • Communication via radio KNX RF, S Mode
Housing Plastic
Colour White
Assembly Flush-mounted (socket installation)
Protection category IP 20
Dimensions Diametre approx. 52 mm, depth approx. 29 mm
Weight approx. 80 g
Ambient temperature Operation -20…+50°C, storage -30…+85°C
Ambient humidity 5...80% RH, non-condensing
Operating voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Output 1 × output, free of potential
power supply U / 1x OUT
Output load capacity:
• 16 A with alternating voltage 250 V AC
•UL approval UseGroup B up to 15 A at 250 V AC
•UL approval UseGroup D up to 10 A at 250 V AC
•5 A with direct current 30 V DC
Cable cross section: 0.5 to 1.5 mm²
Inputs 2× digital, potential-free, maximum cable length 10 m
BCU type Integrated microcontroller
PEI type 0
Group addresses max. 254
Assignments max. 254
Communication objects 27
Radio frequency 868,3 MHz (KNX RF)