KNX S4-B12 24 V (discontinued item)

Actuator with 4 Outputs 12/24 V DC and 12 Inputs

The actuator KNX S4-B12 24V with integrated facade control has 4 outputs for direct current drives (12...24V DC, Up/Down), 4 button pairs and control LEDs. The outputs are compatible with shutter, awning, blind or window drives. Connected drives can be operated directly at KNX S4-B12 24V and via a hand switch.
The automation can be specified externally or internally. Internally, there are numerous options available for blocking, locking (e.g. master-slave) and priority definition (e.g. manual-automatic). Scenes can be saved and called up via the bus (scene control with 16 scenes per drive).
Twelve binary inputs can be used either for direct operation (e.g. hand switches) or as bus switches (or also for e.g. alarm notifications). The desired behaviour can be defined precisely through selection of the response times in Standard, Comfort or Deadman mode.

KNX S4-B12 24 V
  • 4 outputs with polarity changer for motors 12...24 V DC (shading, windows)
  • 24V DC internal supply voltage for inputs and for outputs
  • Keypad with 4 button pairs and status LEDs
  • 12 binary inputs for use as hand switches or as bus switches with variable voltage (6...24 V DC)
  • Automatic runtime measurement of the drives for positioning (including fault notification object)
  • Position feedback (movement position, also slat position for blinds)
  • Position storage (movement position) via 1-bit object (storage and call-up e.g. via buttons)
  • Control via internal or external automation
  • Integrated shade control for each drive output (with slat tracking according to sun position for blinds)
  • Scene control for movement position with 16 scenes per drive (also slat position for blinds) 
  • Mutual locking of two drives using zero position sensors prevents collisions e.g. of shade and window (master–slave) 
  • Blocking objects and alarm notifications have different priorities, so safety functions always take precedence (e.g. wind block)
  • Manual or automatic priority setting via time or communication object
  • Configuration is made using the KNX software ETS
Housing Plastic
Colour White
Assembly Series installation on mounting rail
Protection class IP 20
Dimensions approx. 107 x 88 x 60 (W × H × D, mm)
6 dividing units
Weight approx. 300 g
Ambient temperature Operation -20…+70°C, storage -55…+90°C
Ambient humidity max. 95% RH, avoid condensation
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Power consumption typically 5 mA, max. approx. 80 mA
Power on bus 10 mA
Outputs 4 x commutator motors 12 V DC/24 V DC (+/-), max. 3A
separate power supply for each channel
(internal or external voltage)
Minimum current for runtime measurement DC 150 mA
Inputs 12 x binary inputs, low voltage (6...24 V DC)
Max. cable length binary inputs 100 m
Data output KNX +/- Bus connector terminal
Communication objects 497