Actuator for 1 Drive with 3 Limit Switches


  • KNX blind actuator for a motor with 2 end positions (lower limit switches)
  • Integrated automatic functions for shading/sun protection
  • 4 binary inputs for buttons, auxiliary contacts etc.


The Actuator KNX S1R-B4-UP DES is an electronic control device for controlling a motor with 3 end switches. A 230 V AC power supply is needed for the motor.

  • 1 drive output for a drive with 3 end switches (Venetian blinds with working position)
  • 4 binary input for use as manual or bus button
  • Position feedback of the movement position
  • Position storage (movement position) via 1-bit object (storage and call-up, e.g. by button)
  • Controls by internal or external automatics
  • Integrated shading control
  • Scene control for movement position with 16 scenes
  • Blocking objects and alarm messages have different priorities so that safety functions always have priority (e.g. wind blocking)
  • Manual or automatic control configuration per time or communication object

Configuration is made using the KNX software ETS 5

InstallationFlush-mounted (in connector socket, diameter
60 mm, 60 mm deep)
Protectioncategory IP 20
Sizeapprox. 50 x 50 x 54 (W × H × D, mm)
Weightapprox. 100 g
Ambient temperatureOperation -20…+70°C, storage -30…+85°C
Ambient humidity5...80% RH, non-condensing
Operating voltageKNX bus voltage
Current at the bus20 mA
Output1 × drive with 2 lower end switches
Fine wire fuse T4.0 A.
Output load capacity:
A total of max. 4 A for resistive load,
Inrush current total max. 4 A at ≤ 20ms.
Inputs4× binary inputs
Max. wire length Binary inputs10 m
Data outputKNX +/- Bus plug terminal
BCU typeOwn microcontroller
PEI type0
Group addressesmax. 1024
Allocationsmax. 1024
Communication objects111