KNX actuators – 230 V AC drives

  1. KNX S4 | KNX S2

    KNX S4 | KNX S2 Actuators with drive outputs

    ab €162.99

    per 1 pc.
    incl. VAT, add. Shipping

    Multifunctional KNX Actuator with Integrated Facade Control for Drives of Awnings, Blinds, Roller Shutters and Windows. Outputs free of potential

  2. KNX S-B4T-UP 230 V AC (70131)

    KNX S-UP 230 V (discontinued item) KNX Actuators

    ab €131.99

    per 1 pc.
    incl. VAT, add. Shipping
    KNX Actuator for Shading Element or Window with 1 Channel for a 230 V Drive, with Internal Automatic Functions
KNX Actuators for shading control, awning control, window control. Blind actuator, roller shutter actuator, motor control unit. Surface-mounted, flush-mounted or DIN rail installation