RS485 Weather Stations

The P04/3-RS485 Weather Station measures temperature, wind speed, brightness and it recognizes precipitation.
The weather station sends the currently recorded weather data once every second. This data flow can be received and analyzed by an end device such as SPS, PC or MC.
The P04/3-RS485 has four connections. Data output is at terminals A and B. Terminals 1 and 2 are for the power supply (24 V DC). The connections are not resistant to pole reversal. Connecting them incorrectly will destroy the interface components.


N° 30152 P04/3-RS485-GPS, GPS receiver, output of UTC, position (degree of longitude, latitude) and solar position.
N° 30153 P04/3-RS485-CET, GPS receiver, output of Central European Time (CET), automatic summer/winter time switch-over.
N° 30154 P04/3-RS485 basic, without time reception.

  • P04/3-RS485-GPS, -CET and basic P04/3-RS485-GPS, -CET and basic
  • Mounting example on pole Mounting example on pole
  • Brightness measurement with 3 separate sensors for east, south and west. Recognition of twilight/dawn
  • Wind measurement: The wind strength measurement takes place electronically and thus noiselessly and reliably, even during hail, snow and sub-zero temperatures. Even turbulent air and anabatic winds in the vicinity of the weather station are recorded
  • Temperature measurement
  • Heated precipitation sensor: No false reports as a result of fog or dew. Dries quickly after precipitation has stopped

Housing Plastic material

Colour White / translucent

Mounting On-wall

Protection category IP 44

Dimensions approx. 62 × 71 × 152 (W × H × D, mm)

Weightweather station with mount approx. 90 g,
total weight including accessories approx. 280 g

Ambient temperature Operation -30…+50°C, Storage -30…+70°C

Operating voltage24 V DC ±10%

Cable cross-section Massive conductors of up to 0.8 mm²

Current max. 100 mA

Data output RS485

Measurement range temperature


Measurement range wind 0…35 m/s

Measurement range brightness

0...99.000 lux