Dry Contact Relay

The potential-free RP-H PW relay transfers 24 V DC commands with pole reversal to other control systems. An external power supply (L1/N/PE) sets the voltage at the output (up to 230 V AC).

  • RP-H PW (2022) RP-H PW (2022)
  • RP-H PW connection diagramm RP-H PW connection diagramm
  • Control input 24 V DC with polarity-changing
  • Potential-free output (Up/Down/N/PE, max. 230 V AC)
  • An external power supply (L/N/PE, max. 230 V AC) is required to feed the output
Assembly Series installation on mounting rail
Protection category IP 20
Dimensions approx. 53 × 90 × 50 (W × H × D, mm), 3U
Weight approx. 70 g
Ambient temperature Operation -40…+50 °C, storage -55…+90°C
Ambient humidity max. 95% RH, avoid condensation
Control input 24 V DC with polarity reversal, +/-
Output 1 × potential-free, Up/Down/N/PE, max. 5 A.
External power supply required, max. 230 V AC,50 Hz (L1/N/PE)
Cable cross-section Nominal cross-section, 1 mm²
(rigid: 0.2...1.5 mm² , flexible 0.2...1 mm²),
Insulation stripping length 10 mm