24 V DC Power Supply Unit, max. 120 W / 5 A

The PS5000 24 V power supply converts 230 V AC into 24 V DC and thus delivers the supply voltage for 24 V DC devices. Due to the high stability the device is also suitable for difficult loads such as drives.

  • PS5000 (20203) PS5000 (20203)
  • Input voltage 230 V AC or 275-350 V DC
  • Output voltage can be set between 24 and 28 V DC
  • Output voltage remains constant in the event of mains voltage fluctuations and load variations of 0-100% within a tolerance of ± 3%
  • No minimum load required, output voltage remains stable in the load range of 0-100%
  • No load running test
  • Maximum constant current is also maintained in the event of overload and short circuit, without the device switching off
  • LED for displaying the operational status (lights if voltage is on at the output)
Housing Plastic
Colour Grey
Assembly Series installation on mounting rail
Protection category IP 20
Protection class II
Norms Safety EN60950,
EN61558-1, UL1950, UL508, EMV EN55022/B,
EN61000-4 EN55022/B
Dimensions approx. 108 x 95 x 69 (W x H x D, mm), 6 modules
Minimum installation gap 40 mm above and below
Weight approx. 360 g
Ambient temperature Operation: -10…+50°C, storage: -40...+85°C
Ambient humidity max. 95% RH, avoid condensation
Input voltage 230 V AC ±15% / 50-60Hz or
275-350 V DC.
Power consumption input approx. 1.4 W at 24 V output voltage,
approx. 1.6 W at 28 V output voltage,
each at 230 V AC input voltage.
Output 24 to -28 V DC,variable.
max. 5 A, 120 W
Efficiency > 90% (230 V)
Minimum separation between input and output cables 34 mm