Modbus Tank Sensor

The SO250-UI ultrasound sensor is used to detect the liquid content of tanks and for distance measurements. Besides applications in areas such as rainwater storage tanks or heating oil tanks, the sensor can also be used in fish tanks or fountains, as well as for monitoring the parking distances between heavy goods vehicles.
The distance/content level can be directly read off the display of the output device. The integrated keyboard allows the tank geometry and data output to be input (Modbus interface, current output, voltage output and two relay switch outputs). Switching a relay can additionally trigger an acoustic alarm signal.

  • SO250 basic-UI SO250 basic-UI
  • Distance measurement
  • Content measurement in spherical, rectangular and cylinder tanks. Several tanks of the same type set up as a battery
  • Current output
  • Voltage output
  • 2 relay switching outputs filling/drainage and/or overfill/empty warnings, or for triggering fault warnings
  • Modbus interface with configurable address, data transfer rate, parity check

Evaluation Unit:

MountingSeries installation on DIN rail
Protection categoryIP 20
Dimensionsapprox. 123 x 89 x 61 (W x H x D, mm), 7 width units
Weightapprox. 360 g
Ambient temperatureOperation 0…+45 °C, storage -25…+70°C
Ambient air humiditymax. 5...95% RH, avoid bedewing
Operating voltage230 V AC , 50 Hz
Power consumptionmax. 4 W
Outputs• Adjustable current output 0…20 mA or 4…20 mA
• Adjustable voltage output 0…10 V or 0…5 V
• Modbus data (protocol: Modbus RTU)
• 2 x Relay, potential-free, max. 250 V AC / 7 A each

Ultrasonic Probe:

Protection categoryIP 52
Liquid resistanceWater, heating oil
DimensionsTotal diameter approx. 60 mm,
overall sensor head height approx. 45 mm, thread 1½ inches
Connection leadRG 58 coax cable, length 10 m
Total weightapprox. 400 g
Ambient temperature+0 … +40 °C
Measurement range12 … 250 cm