Beginner Set KNX RF Remote Control

with 3 KNX RF Motor Control Units, pre-configured

Start into the world of KNX radio!

  • Remote Control Remo KNX RF (70746)
  • 3 Radio motor control units KNX RF-MSG-ST (70711)
  • 3 power connector sets for connection (30234)

Everything ready and prepared: Connect and get started! The communication of the devices in the set has already been pre-configuered.

With the remote control Remo KNX RF the manual operation of the KNX building technology gets espacially comfortable:

  • Simply move the drives at the RF-MSG-ST to the desired position
  • The current position in % is shown in the display. The RF-MSG-ST determine these independently
  • Save two scenes per drive in the remote control and select your favorite setting with a single fingertip in the future!
  • The touch display also allows the individual adaptation of the names for the drives

As a real KNX remote control the Remo KNX RF can not only control the three KNX RF-MSGs supplied, but also perform all operating functions in the KNX RF system (up/down, on/off, dimming, scenes, temperature control).

If you want to control further KNX RF actuators, you can extend at any time. For configuration you will need, for example, the Elsner KNX RF USB stick and the ETS 5 demo version, then. You can download the appropriate project file here. Communication with a wire-bound KNX TP system is also very easy. For this, you need a media coupler (e.g. KNX RF LC-TP).

  • Beginner Set KNX RF Remote Control Beginner Set KNX RF Remote Control


The colour touchscreen of Remote control Remo KNX RF can be used to manually control bus participants in the KNX system. The possible functions are

  • Switching 
  • Dimming 
  • Moving the drives of awnings, shutters, blinds or windows 
  • Changing the temperature (for heating/cooling) 
  • Calling and saving scenes.

The channels are set in the ETS. However, they can always be individually sorted and named on the display.

  • Operation via the touch display
  • Lithium battery, chargeable via a USB-2.0 Micro-B charger (Charger No 10155 as an optional accessory)
  • 32 channels, wireless standard KNX RF, S-Mode 
  • The touch buttons can be named individually, directly on the device or in the ETS 
  • The display sequence can be changed directly on the device 
  • Configuration is made using the KNX software ETS 5 

If communication with wired KNX devices (KNX TP) is necessary, a media coupler that connects KNX RF and KNX TP is needed (e.g. KNX RF LC-TP No 70710)


The KNX RF-MSG-ST is a radio actuator for KNX radio (KNX RF). The actuator controls one drive (blind, shutter, awning or window).

  • 1 connection for 230 V-drive (STAK3) 
  • Reception of the control signal via radio KNX RF 
  • Automatic runtime measurement of the drives for positioning (incl. fault reporting object) 
  • Position feedback (movement position, also slat position for shutters) 
  • Position storage (movement position) via 1-bit object (storage and call-up e.g. via buttons) 
  • Scene control for movement position with 16 scenes per drive (also slat position for shutters) 
  • Blocking objects and alarm reports have different priorities, so safety functions always take precedence (e.g. wind block) 
  • Manual or automatic priority setting via time or communication object 
  • Brief time limit (movement command blocked) and 2 movement limits 
  • Configuration is made using the KNX software ETS 5 
  • KNX RF S-Mode

ST Power Plug Connector Set


Remo KNX RF:

Housing Plastic
Colour black
Protection category IP 40
Dimensions approx. 64 x 122 x 11 (B x H x T, mm)
Display colour TFT, capacitive, dimmable, resolution 320 x 480 Pixel
Weight approx. 100 g
Ambient temperature operating 0…50 °C, storage -10…+60 °C
Ambient humidity max. 95 % RH, avoid condensation
Operating voltage integrated battery 3.8 V DC
Wireless frequency 868.2 MHz
Channels 32
Data output KNX RF (S-Mode)
BCU Type own micro controller
Communication objects 384


Housing Plastic
Protection category IP 54 (should be installed in a protected area despite a high protection category)
Dimensions approx. 149 x 36 x 25 (B x H x T, mm)
Weight approx. 140 g
Ambient temperature Operation -20…+70 °C, storage -55…+90°C
Ambient humidity max. 95% RH, avoid condensation
Operating voltage 230 V AC
Input STAS3 plug (230 V)
Output STAK3 coupling, loadable to max. 4 A / 230 V AC
Radio frequency 868.3 MHz
made in germany