RS485 Weather Stations

The sensor system of the weather station P03/3-RS485-GPS is protected by the elegant, yet rugged and compact housing which is provided with a fixture for the assembly to the wall or pole.
The weather station provides weather data on brightness, wind speed, temperature and precipitation. When measuring light and dawn, daylight filters simulate the sensitivity spectrum of the human eye. The weather stations have three sensors (for sun from east, south and west). P03/3-RS485-GPS and P03/3-RS485-CET additionally receive the GPS signal for location and time.


N° 30140 P03/3-RS485 basic
N° 30145 P03/3-RS485-GPS with GPS receiver, UTC-time-output
N° 30151 P03/3-RS485-CET with GPS receiver, CET-time-output (Central Europe)

  • P03/3-RS485 Weather station P03/3-RS485 Weather station
  • P03/3-RS485 basic (30140) P03/3-RS485 basic (30140)
  • P03/3-RS485-GPS (30145) P03/3-RS485-GPS (30145)
  • P03/3-RS485-CET (30151) P03/3-RS485-CET (30151)
  • Brightness measurement with three separate sensors for east, south and west. Recognition of twilight/dawn with special filters
  • Wind speed measurement by means of a nonwearing electronic sensor. No damage from storm or hail as with mechanical anemometers
  • Temperature measurement
  • Heated precipitation sensor (1.2 watts): No false reports as a result of fog or dew. Dries quickly after precipitation has stopped
  • Data sending cycle: 1 Second


P03/3-RS485-GPS: With GPS receiver. Output of UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), position (degree of longitude and latitude) and position of the sun (azimuth, elevation).

P03/3-RS485-CET: With GPS receiver. Output of CET (Central European Time), summer/winter time changeover.

Housing Plastic material
Colour White / translucent
Mounting On-wall
Protection category IP 44
Dimensions approx. 96 x 77 x 118 (W x H x D, mm)
Weight approx. 160 g
Ambient temperature Operation -30…+50°C, storage -30…+70°C
Operating voltage 24 V DC ±10%
Current max. 120 mA, residual ripple 10%
Data output RS485
Heating rain sensor approx. 1.2 W
Measurement range temperature -40…+80°C
Measurement range wind0…35 m/s
Measurement range brightness 0 lux ... 99 000 lux