KNX Interface for WS1000 Color/Style

The KNX interface for WS1000 allows for communication between the WS1000 Color or WS1000 Style Control System and the KNX bus system. On the one hand, data of the control unit can be sent to the KNX bus (e. g. weather data). On the other hand, the WS1000 can control drives in the KNX system directly and use sensor data from the KNX system.

  • KNX Interface for WS1000 Color/Style KNX Interface for WS1000 Color/Style
  • Transmission of data from WS1000 Color/Style to the KNX bus: date/time, position, weather data
  • Control of actuators in the KNX bus system by the automatic functions of the WS1000 Color/Style: awnings, blinds, roller shutters, windows, light
  • Transmission of bus data to the WS1000 Color/Style: sensor data, pushbutton commands
  • Configuration is made using the KNX software ETS
Mountingis plugged on the board of the Control WS1000 Color/Style
Dimensionsapprox. 53 × 7 × 30 (W × H × D, mm)
Weightapprox. 10 g
Ambient temperatureoperation 0…+50°C, storage -30…+70°C, avoid bedewing
Operating voltageKNX bus voltage
Bus currentmax. 5,5 mA, max. 9 mA when programming LED is active
Data outputKNX +/- bus connector terminal
Communication objects254