Cala KNX MultiTouch T

Push Buttons with Function Icons

The Cala KNX MultiTouch T push button has touch-sensitive buttons with which functions can be called up in the KNX building bus system. The glass surface is printed with areas for setting the light and temperature. Coloured LEDs (one white LED in the light symbol, one red and one blue LED in the thermometer symbol and three white LEDs each for level indication) are integrated in these areas and their behaviour can be adjusted. With Cala KNX MultiTouch T Light/Sunblind, an area for moving blinds/sunshades (up/down) is added, and with Cala KNX MultiTouch T Light/Scenes, an area for calling up scenes (3 scenes).

A temperature sensor is integrated into Cala KNX MultiTouch T. An external temperature reading can be received via the bus and processed with its own data to create a total temperature (mixed value).

The Cala KNX MultiTouch T has a PI controller for heating and cooling. The setpoint temperature can be changed using the "+" and "-" touch buttons.

Communication objects can be linked via AND and OR logic gates. The device is supplemented with a frame of the switch series used in the building, and thus fits seamlessly into the interior fittings.


N° 70890 Cala KNX MultiTouch T Light/Sunblind, white
N° 70892 Cala KNX MultiTouch T Light/Sunblind, black
N° 70960 Cala KNX MultiTouch T Light/Scenes, white
N° 70962 Cala KNX MultiTouch T Light/Scenes, black
N° 70950 Cala KNX MultiTouch T Light, white
N° 70952 Cala KNX MultiTouch T Light, black

Delivery without frame

Cala KNX MultiTouch T
  • Operating zone for light with 3 areas (switching and dimming)
  • Operating zone for temperature control with 3 areas (warmer, cooler, changeover heating/cooling)
  • A total of 9 areas, all of which can be assigned either to the intended bus functions or to other individual bus functions (switches, changeover switches, dimmers, blinds, awnings, shutters, windows, 8- or 16-bit encoders, scene call/saving)
  • LEDs can be set. All LEDs Off, all LEDs On, active LEDs Always On, all LEDs On for specific time after button pressed, active LEDs On for specific time after button pressed. Settable, as to whether LED flashes at block object value = 1. LED brightness can be pre-set for day and night
  • Area function when touching five or more push buttons. Can be configured as switch, selector switch, as 8 or 16 bit encoder or for scenario recall
  • Scene control. 3 scene channels with 5 objects each
  • Temperature measurements. Mixed value from own measured value and external values (proportion can be set by percentage), output of minimum and maximum values
  • PI-controller for heating (one or two-level) and cooling (one or two-level) according to temperature. Regulation according to separate setpoints or basic setpoint temperature
  • 4 AND and 4 OR logic gates each with 4 inputs. All switching events as well as 8 logic inputs (in the form of communications objects) can be used as inputs for the logic gates. The output from each gate can be configured optionally as 1-bit or 2 x 8-bit

Additional functions Cala KNX MutliTouch T Light/Sunblind:

  • Operating zone for blinds, awnings, shutters or windows with 3 areas (up/ down with short/long distinction, driving position)

Additional functions Cala KNX MutliTouch T Light/Scenes:

  • Operating zone for scene call and saving with 3 areas for scenes

Configuration is made using the KNX software ETS 5

CasingGenuine glass, plastic
Colours• similar to RAL 9010 pure white
• similar to RAL 9005 deep black
AssemblyFlush-mounted (wall installation in junction box
Ø 60 mm, 42 mm deep or cavity wall socket for
burr hole Ø 68 mm)
Degree of protectionIP 20
DimensionsHousing approx. 55 x 55 (W x H, mm),
Installation depth approx. 10 mm,
Base plate approx. 71 x 71 (W x H, mm)
Total weightapprox. 50 g
Ambient temperatureOperation and storage -25…+85°C
Ambient humiditymax. 95% RH, avoid condensation
Operating voltageKNX bus voltage
Bus currentmax. 19 mA
Data outputKNX +/- Bus plug-in terminal
Group addressesmax. 205
Assignmentsmax. 205
Communication objectsCala KNX MutliTouch T Light/Sunblind: 199
Cala KNX MutliTouch T Light/Scenes: 198
Cala KNX MutliTouch T Light: 198
Temperature measurement range-25…+85°C