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Arm L

Arm Mounting for Weather Station, Without Joints

With the rigid Arm L weather stations and sensors (for P03/Solexa/Suntracer, P04/Suntracer sl and Vari models) can be flexibly mounted on the wall.

Ausleger L, keine Gelenke (30112)

The following weather stations can be attached to the mounting arm:

  • Suntracer KNX (basic) and Suntracer KNX-GPS weather stations, plus KNX weather sensors
  • Weather stations for the Solexa, Solexa II and Arexa controls
  • Weather station P03-RS485 and RS485-weather sensors
  • Weather station P03-Modbus
  • Suntracer KNX sl (including light and basic) weather stations and KNX sl weather sensors
  • P04i-GPS weather station (WS1/WS100 Color/Style and KNX WS1000 Style controllers)
  • P04-RS485 weather stations
  • KNX Vari sensors
Colours Powder-coated RAL 9003, white
Dimensions Total length approx. 163 mm
Total weight approx. 209 g