Promotion Sewi AQS/TH Modbus

Modbus Ambient Climate Sensor (Temp., Humid., CO2)

The promotion runs until 05.06.2018 in the Elsner Elektronik online shop. A maximum of 1 promotional item can be ordered per customer.

The indoor sensor Sewi AQS/TH Modbus measures the indoor temperature and humidity and also calculates the dew point temperature. The sensor also records the CO2 concentration.

The device is a Modbus slave with a RS485 interface and a RTU protocol. The Modbus master, such as PC, SPS or MC can read the Sewi Modbus Indoor Sensors measurement values with "Function 04h (Read Input Register)".

  • Sewi AQS/TH Modbus Sewi AQS/TH Modbus
  • Temperature measurement
  • Humidity measurement
  • Calculating the dew point temperature
  • Measuring the CO2 concentration in the air

Tips for Dew Point Calculation: The sensor Sewi Modbus calculates the ambient dew point temperature. This value can be used for dew point monitoring. This would require another sensor for measuring the surface temperature of the wall or pipe. Also, the dew point needs to be monitored (compare with temperatures) in the Modbus master. Monitoring predetermines the possible condensate build-up on the surface, giving a chance for timely countermeasures.

ColourWhite (Cover glossy, skirting matt)
AssemblySurface, wall or ceiling installation
Protection categoryIP 30
DimensionsØ approx. 105mm, height approx. 32mm
Weight approx. 100g
Ambient temperatureOperation 0 …+50°C, Storage -20 …+70°C
Ambient humiditymax. 95% RH, avoid condensation
Operating voltage12 to 40V DC. An appropriate power supply unit can be purchased from Elsner Elektronik.
Cable cross-sectionSolid conductor up to 0.8mm2
Powermax. 15mA
RS485 bus load1/8 unit load according to the RS485 standard
RS485 drive outputmin. 2.4V at 54 Ohm bus load (according to the 32 standard RS485 unit loads)
Temperature measurement range0°C…+50°C
Humidity measurement range0% rH…90% rH
CO2 measurement range0...2,000 ppm
made in germany