Cala KNX wins at the German Design Award 2017

For 2017, the room controller, Cala KNX from Elsner Elektronik was awarded a “Special Mention” for “Excellent Product Design (Building)”.

The German Design Award recognises innovative products and projects, as well as their creators and designers, which are considered to be ground-breaking for the German and international design landscape. It is awarded by the Council for Design of the German Brand and Design Authority.

What is special about Cala KNX is the combination of a touch switch, room controller, and sensor in one device. The compact touch display and its electronic system fit into any 55 mm switch system. The display serves as the central operating element for controlling heating, light, shading and windows. Without any effort the desired value for the integrated indoor climate can be changed with a tap and adjusted to individual preferences. Different model options depending on requirements, Cala KNX may, for example, be used as a temperature sensor only or a combined sensor for temperature, atmospheric humidity and CO2 to regulate the room climate.

The simple design hides its many functions. In addition to mixed value calculation and switch output, the software also offers logic gates, actuating variable comparator and calculator. Thanks to intelligent automation, Cala KNX contributes to energy-efficient building management.

In addition to the award from the “German Design Award 2017”, Cala KNX has already been recognised at the international architecture and design contest “Iconic Awards 2016”, winning the category “Product (Building Technologies)”

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