Smart Switching of Drives and Devices

Smart switching with compact KNX actuators

The new <link...

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Adjust room temperature intuitively by touch

PLUS means warmer, MINUS cooler. Heating control can be that simple!

The KNX eTR 101 room temperature controller (<link...</b>

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Convenient control of light & sound

The new year starts with software updates for the Remo KNX RF remote control and the Cala Touch KNX room controller!



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Invitation to ISE 2019 in Amsterdam

Don't miss: Elsner Elektronik at ISE in Amsterdam

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Light and Room Climate Control According to Presence and Brightness

with Mini-Sewi KNX

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Light control with wireless dimmers

Elsner radio dimmers for 1-10 V and DALI lighting solutions

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More freedom in KNX installation thanks to radio motor control units

With KNX RF: No cable - no problem!

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Lighting control according to presence and room brightness with Intra-Sewi KNX

Despite energy-efficient LED technology, presence-based lighting control is an energy-saving factor.

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Room Temperature Controller in Switch Frame

Room temperature control is a noticeable comfort factor and therefore often the basis of home automation.

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No matter if rain shower or snowfall - KNX R sl reports precipitation!

After the long heat and drought we are all looking forward to rain in Europe. However, there are many places in the building where it is necessary to...

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