The interface between wire and radio

You are probably familiar with some version of the following ‘retrofitting problem’: The building is already equipped with KNX, and now roof-window blinds need to be installed. How can this be accomplished when the KNX line does not extend to this area and the walls cannot be opened up again, because the interior is already completed?

KNX RF is a neat solution for this problem. The KNX radio standard, KNX RF, can be used wherever it is not possible or desirable to lay cables. Devices with the KNX RF standard can be easily integrated in the KNX TP bus.

The new KNX RF LC-TP media coupler is the basis for the bidirectional exchange of data between wired (KNX TP) and wireless KNX devices (KNX RF). With a size of 55 x 55 mm, it fits the standard commercial switch series.

For more information about the KNX LC-TP media coupler, visit the Elsner Elektronik online shop.

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