International award for room temperature controller

International award for room temperature controller

With KNX eTR 101 room temperature controller, a product from Elsner Elektronik once again won the coveted Red Dot Award for Product Design this year.

For more than 60 years, the Red Dot Award has been one of the largest and most renowned design competitions worldwide. The top-class jury tested each of the approximately 5,500 products submitted individually and decided on the awarding of the prizes. With its precise design, KNX eTR 101 was able to assert itself against the competition and win the "Red Dot: Best of the Best". This is the highest prize of the competition and is only awarded for the best, groundbreaking products in a category.

The fact that a product from Elsner Elektronik achieves the highest award is due not only to almost 30 years of experience in the building automation industry but also to the strict internal quality standards. With the latest production technology the ideas of the in-house development and design department are implemented to perfection.

KNX eTR 101 heating controller measures the temperature on site and controls the heating and, if necessary, the cooling system. It is used in buildings that use the "KNX" automation standard. This widespread system is used to equip private houses and apartments as well as large commercial buildings all over the world.

KNX eTR 101 automatically ensures the desired room temperature and enables individual readjustment via touch surface. The real glass surface is long-lasting, has a modern look and fits in with numerous furnishing styles. The perfect elaboration of details such as the glass edges and the easy-to-read temperature display make the eTR a real eye-catcher that blends harmoniously into a room.

During the development of the switch-size control unit, emphasis was placed on intuitive operation. "Plus" and "Minus" for setting are understood internationally and are supplemented by the temperature display. The simple user interface allows the use in commercial as well as in private areas, and also in hotels, where a harmonious design is of particular importance.

All basic technical settings such as connected systems and target temperatures for the various operating modes are made in the KNX application of the room temperature controller. Despite the wide range of functions and numerous adaptation options for large and small projects, operation remains simple.

In addition to user-friendliness, the design of the eTR also focuses on the simplest and most flexible installation possible. The room temperature controller can thus be mounted by the installer in a box or optionally directly on the wall, which enables it to be used in various Projects.

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