Always the right lighting: dimming by radio

Radio remote control and dimming modules for individual lighting


Lighting is an important and sensitive topic because it influences our moodArtificial light, just like daylight, can make you lively and productive, set accents, create a cosy atmosphere and much more. A remote control is ideal for individual lighting control. Elsner Elektronik offers the elegant Remo pro hand-held touch transmitter and matching dimming modules for various lighting systems. 

The dimmers are part of the F-Con plug system (Fast Connect), which means they have compact housings with STAK3/STAS3 connectors. This makes it easy to plug them in between the mains cable and the lamp. The luminaire only needs to be suitable for dimming. Then the radio connection between the dimming module and Remo pro remote control is established and the manual light control is ready. For a better overview, names for the luminaires can be entered in the display of the remote control and groups can be formed. 

The RF-L LED-ST is used for LED systems with 230 V, and the RF-L PWM-ST for 24 V DC LED systems, which also includes a power supply unit as a set. 24 V LED strips have become indispensable in the home and commercial building sector and are used for indirect lighting and the atmospheric accentuation of furnishings and architecture. As the name of the dimmer suggests, the light bands are controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM).

Elsner Elektronik also has dimming modules for lighting systems with 1-10 V or DALI interfaces. The RF-L-DST 1-10 V or the RF-L-DST DALI is plugged between the mains supply line and the switching power supply unit or ballast unit. 

Energy-saving lamps and halogen lamps with power supply unit are controlled with the universal dimmer RF-L UN-ST, which has automatic load detection. This allows luminaires with phase angle and phase section control and with an output of 20 to 300 watts to be dimmed. 

If you like it even smarter, you can use the radio dimmers with building controls from Elsner Elektronik. Luminaires can then also be time-controlled, for example. The controls also provide sun protection, ventilation and other automatic functions. 

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