Turn of the year 2020/2021

Turn of the year 2020/2021 News of 12/07/20

2020 was a special year that presented us all with challenges, both professionally and personally. Thank you very much for working with us in such a trustful way! For the year 2021, we wish you and your colleagues a lot of strength, perseverance and of course health! 

Please note that we have company holidays from 24th of December 2020 to 8th of January 2021 inclusively. During this time, no enquiries and orders can be processed and no goods can be accepted. Orders received after 22th of December 2020 will only be processed in January. No acceptance of goods from 24th of December 2020 up to and including 08th of  January 2021.
From 11 January 2021 we will be here for you again!