Touch panel with IP66 for harsh environments

Fabro KNX - robust and easy to use News of 05/11//2021

Do you need a robust KNX touch panel that can easily withstand any weather conditions in outdoor use? Does your operating panel has to withstand cleaning in areas with increased hygiene requirements? – The Fabro KNX operating and display panel has an anodised aluminium housing and a 7-inch real glass display. The 8 areas per display page are kept extra large for easy operation. Each area can be used as a button or display.

There are over 100 symbols to choose from, next to which a value or colour is displayed. Objects from 1 bit (switching) to 14 bytes (texts) can be transmitted. The user thus has up to 40 input and output options on 5 pages.

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Fabro KNX was awarded the Red Dot Award 2021. Because a good, intuitively usable design is valuable even in a rough working environment! It enables quick access to technology and conveys values such as reliability, trust and safety.

In the Fabro KNX application, 8 AND and 8 OR logic links as well as 8 multifunction modules for calculation, conditions and data conversion are available. 8 alarm input objects can trigger text displays or signal tones on the Fabro KNX.
Fabro KNX is surface-mounted. The housing allows surface or flush mounting of the cables.

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