Suntracer pro now also for conventional building technology

Weather station Suntracer RS485 pro News of 10/12/2021

A weather station on the building must provide reliable and precise weather data as a basis for building automation. The new Suntracer RS485 pro records data such as wind direction and humidity, making it the professional sensor system for high-quality smart homes and smart buildings.

  • RS485 data communication for reading and further processing with a terminal device such as PLC, PC or microcontroller.
  • Wind speed and wind direction are measured by ultrasound.
  • Rain and snow are detected. The measuring elements are heated so that dew and fog do not trigger a precipitation signal.
  • The brightness is determined by five sensors that are oriented differently. Regardless of whether the sun is low or high, the highest currently measured brightness value is output.
  • The position of the sun for precise shading control is calculated from the GPS signal received. 
  • The temperature is the basis for heat- and frost protection functions.
  • Humidity is measured and the dew point is calculated, which helps to prevent condensation.
  • The air pressure is also recorded