Suntracer KNX pro weather station now also detects the wind direction

Suntracer KNX pro weather station now also detects the wind direction News of 08/20/19

No change in weather remains undetected!
weather station on a building must provide reliable and precise weather data as the basis for building automation. The new Suntracer KNX pro also records data such as wind direction and humidity, making it the professional KNX sensor for high-quality smart homes and smart buildings.

Suntracer KNX pro provides the following data for the KNX system:

  • Wind speed and wind direction are measured by ultrasound.
  • Rain and snow are detected. The measuring elements are heated so that dew and fog do not trigger a precipitation signal.
  • The brightness is determined by four sensors, which are aligned differently. Regardless of whether the sun is low or high, the highest brightness value measured in the system is used.
  • The position of the sun is calculated from the received GPS signal. Suntracer KNX pro can thus control the sun protection of up to 12 façades, including slat and shadow edge tracking.
  • The temperature is the basis for cold and frost protection functions.
  • The air humidity is measured and the dew point calculated to help prevent condensation.
  • The air pressure is also measured. Adjustable limit values can be used to block and enable functions in the KNX bus system.

Item no. 70900
Suntracer KNX pro Weatherstation

In the KNX application, not only limit values are set, but also the automatic functions for shading or windows of 12 façades. In addition, Suntracer KNX pro has a calendar time switch with 4 seasons and 2 daily time periods, as well as a weekly time switch with 24 time periods. The device receives the current time via GPS module.

The integrated summer compensation for cooling helps to save energy by adapting the target temperature of air conditioning systems to high outside temperatures. The 8 multifunctional modules are used to convert data in the KNX system, carry out calculations or report when certain conditions are met. Building functions are linked together in 8 AND and 8 OR logic modules.

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