The new control centre for Smart Home: WS1000 Connect

WS1000 Connect News of 09/12/19

The new control centre for Smart Home

With the WS1000 Connect, a new generation of central controls for buildings, conservatories and smart homes has begun. In addition to living comfort, safety and energy efficiency, the communication and media sector has been added. Since the WS1000 Connect can be connected to the home network and the Internet, it offers completely new possibilities for using and experiencing technology!

In addition to the familiar control and safety functions for room climate, solar shading, ventilation and light, the WS1000 Connect connects...

  • with the Internet to enable you to surf, browse and stream. View web pages, start music or watch videos on the display. Speakers are built into the control panel.
  • with the WS1000 Connect App on your mobile device. Download the free app for Android or iOS to your smartphone or tablet. If both devices are in the same WLAN, your mobile phone becomes the remote control for the building technology.
  • via the remote configuration tool with a service technician. An expert can access the WS1000 Connect without travel costs and help with commissioning and adjustment. Of course, only if you wish to do so and allow access.
  • with the Elsner server to download the latest software update. The update is also possible offline via SD card.

Item no. 60241 WS1000 Connect-4 Building control (with 4 drive groups)
Item no. 60242 WS1000 Connect-6 (6 drive groups)
Item no. 60243 WS1000 Connect-8 (8 drive groups)
Item no. 60244 WS1000 Connect-10 (10 drive groups)


With so many connections, data security is an important factor. This is how Elsner Elektronik ensures security:

  • Data is only stored in the control, not on external servers. The WS1000 Connect is cloud-free.
  • The connection to the Internet is also possible via a wired Ethernet connection.
  • Remote access is only possible after confirmation on the device.
  • Automatic menus and app access can be password-protected. App use can also be completely disabled.
  • You should always protect your WLAN with the latest encryption technologies.

The basis of the WS1000 Connect still is automatic room climate control and the associated energy-saving options. Shades, lights, windows, fans, heating and air conditioning can be connected via cable or radio. Inputs for motion and smoke detectors, alarm system and alarm contacts are also available. The scope of delivery includes a weather station, an interior sensor and, of course, the control panel with 10.1 inch display. The new Connect functions and the newly structured menu make the Smart Home even more enjoyable.

Would you like to know more details?

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