Novelties of the eTR series

Novelties of the eTR series News of 04/22/2021

The controllers and push-buttons of the KNX eTR series are cost-effective, switch-sized and flexible in installation. The fresh design creates intuitive access to KNX building technology in private homes, offices, buildings used by the public or hotels.

All novelties of the series eTR 

Measure and control room temperature unobtrusively and reliably

The KNX eTR gl temperature controller processes its own or mixed values and controls heating and cooling. It comes without operating and display options, in case only the room temperature is to be measured and controlled at the place of use.

Light switch with extras

Room temperature and lighting are set with the KNX eTR 205 and 206 push-buttons. The shading can also be positioned with KNX eTR 208. The large, illuminated temperature display and icons clearly identify the touch areas.

Black - essential for extravagant, trendy interior design

The flexibly programmable touch push-buttons KNX eTR M, the labelled KNX eTR MultiTouch and the push-buttons for temperature and sun protection KNX eTR 201 and 202 are also available in jet black.

Surface-mounted installation: Not only for listed buildings

The new eTR surface-mounted housing is used in propjects where the cables are laid on the wall. The installation depth of the eTR units increases to approx. 27.5 mm.