Right on trend - Sewi KNX sensors in black

Dark wall and ceiling colours are still a trend! The Sewi KNX sensors are now also available in deep black (RAL 9005) so that you only set accents where you intend to. The sensors for wall or ceiling mounting therefore blend in unobtrusively and harmoniously with the room, even on dark backgrounds.
Pale colours are ideal for a neutral, discreet look. We encounter white ceilings and walls where neutrality and cleanliness are to be conveyed, e.g. in offices or shopping centres. But let's be honest: white is not always the best solution.

Dark tones achieve a different effect: a room radiates a mature and luxurious feeling. Dark colours give the room depth, personality and character. Objects appear more expressive against dark backgrounds. Thus contrasting tones such as the bright green of indoor plants are enhanced.

One sensor - many possibilities

Sewi KNX is available in various versions, with which all the data required for controlling climate, light and air quality can be recorded. With a combination sensor, you only have to mount one device, but you can record a wide variety of data with it.
In addition to room temperature (T), humidity (H) and CO2 content of the air (AQS), the air pressure (D) can also be recorded. The brightness (L) can be measured and used to control the lighting. In dark rooms in particular, spots and light strips can be used to set effective accents. Presence can be detected with a presence detector (L) and thus the light can be switched efficiently. 

Sewi Combined KNX Sensors in black and white

In the online shop you will find further technical information on sensors Sewi KNX e.g. data sheet, manual and KNX application.
You will also find further indoor sensors for the KNX systems there.

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